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Join the World’s #1 & UAE’s Only Digital Free Zone to Grow from Dubai

Meydan Free Zone ranks among the world's largest and most advanced Digital Free Zones. With its strategic location 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport, addressed at the luxurious Meydan Hotel, the award-winning 360-degree platform of the free zone empowers entrepreneurs to successfully set up and grow businesses and ease operations through sophisticated strategies and technologies. Moreover, as the only 24/7 digital free zone, it is an entirely digitized environment, with all trade licenses and payments made through its award-winning customer portal.


Built to cultivate a dynamic and connected ecosystem for entrepreneurs and innovators, Meydan Free Zone offers over 3500 business activities to help entrepreneurs and innovators grow and lead. The Meydan Free Zone offers a unique opportunity to conduct multiple business activities under one license. For example, one can operate an e-commerce unit, a marketing agency, or a management consulting firm with a single license. The flexibility of having a single license allows businesses to diversify and explore new opportunities with minimal administrative hassle.


With Meydan Free Zone's MoFA-approved business licenses accredited by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, businesses can customize their licenses to suit their needs and open a bank account with over 26 local and international banks and fintech brands with a guaranteed IBAN. It also provides hassle-free, flexible options in business setup with a permit issued from Meydan free zone to legally work with mainland companies and open offices in the mainland.


The Meydan Free Zone comprehends that each business has unique requirements. Consequently, the Free Zone offers the freedom to tailor licenses to meet each company's specific requirements and adapt them as needed. The Pay-As-You-Go model allows for flexibility in terms of capital when establishing your enterprise. The fees are contingent on various factors, such as how an entrepreneur intends to initiate and expand their trade license with Meydan Free Zone and other considerations like business activities, visa requirements, and the license duration. To determine the initial setup cost accurately, the portal has a cost calculator that is easily accessible, providing a convenient and straightforward solution.

Meydan Free Zone features more than just licenses. Meydan Plus helps open a bank account, request document picks and drop off, book your medical biometrics or Emirates ID registration, book your meeting rooms, work from a Flexi-desk, or quickly obtain any corporate letter. The portal enables businesses to conduct business transactions online and make immediate payments, so there are no long queues or paperwork!

From the convenience of PO Box registration to meticulous attention to detail in mail management, Meydan Free Zone ensures that communication needs are met with ease. Emirates ID assistance and dependent visa application, VIP medical test services, phone answering services, document delivery, customs code, DED permit, PRO services, company stamp, MOFA attestation, VAT registration, and legal translation of documents are just a few of the many additional services Meydan Free Zone dispenses to help businesses succeed. Businesses can concentrate on growth in Meydan Free Zone while experts handle the nitty-gritty.

Meydan, the master-planned community, offers a range of luxury properties with high-end finishes and amenities such as private pools, landscaped gardens, and access to exclusive clubs. The district also features several world-class sports and leisure facilities, making it an ideal location for those who prioritize an active and healthy lifestyle. Meydan is designed sustainably, with green spaces, parks, cycling paths, and energy-efficient buildings. Additionally, its prime location in the heart of Dubai provides easy access to major highways and transportation links, making it convenient for commuting or traveling around the city. The Meydan Free Zone also encompasses a broader community that aids everyday living. Entrepreneurs can live, work and play in a diverse urban environment featuring schools, clinics, restaurants, and parks, or take in exquisite news of the Meydan racecourse, do business on the golf course, or strike a deal on the tennis court, among others. In addition, the members can enjoy unique benefits such as a panoramic workspace in a 5-star hotel with enviable racecourse views. It is home to the world's richest horse race, the Dubai World Cup, witnessed by millions at Meydan Racecourse. Its excitement and glamour make Meydan an attractive location for horse racing enthusiasts.


The award-winning digital free zone is one of the world's largest and most advanced free zones designed to help entrepreneurs set up businesses and ease operations through innovative solutions.



Benefits of Meydan Free Zone

  • MOFA recognised business license
  • Guaranteed bank account opening
  • Certified by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  • 3500 + business activities
  • Flexi-desk included with the license
  • Choose from over 20 marketplaces to sell your products
  • Open an office anywhere in Dubai and work with mainland companies with NoC
  • Complete foreign ownership with full capital repatriation
  • Award-winning all-inclusive digital customer platform 
  • Interest-free deferral plan for 12 months from leading banks
  • Free company name check


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We use cookies to help us offer you the best online experience. By continuing to use our website or clicking ACCEPT ALL COOKIES  you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our Privacy Policy