Why Dubai?


Dubai is a city of the future, a place where East meets West, and where fast-growth businesses can transcend geographical barriers. As a global business hub and a gateway to growth markets, the city is the preferred location for global investors and entrepreneurs shaping the future. Dubai is a hyper-connected, pro-business hub, with a focus on innovation and forward thinking that empowers businesses both large and small.


Through the concerted efforts of the Dubai Government, the city has developed an unrivalled global logistics , aviation and supply chain network and agile regulatory environment that makes it easy to do business, offering companies from all over the world a springboard for pursuing international growth. Already tackling the challenges of a post COVID-19 world head on, Dubai is built for growth and built for business. Find out how Dubai can push your business to the next level.

Pivotal Hub in the Global Economy

#3 Globally and Moving Up
#3 city in fDi’s Global Cities of the Future 2021/2022 Indicator
#2 and Moving Up
#2 in the sub-index’s ranking of the major cities
#1 Regionally
The #1 choice of investors in MENA region



Dubai has a strong and robust economy enabled by a stable macroeconomic environment, sustainability policies, growth strategies and infrastructure initiatives. The city’s investor-centric and innovation-driven economy makes it a dynamic center of local, regional and global economic growth, trade and innovation. The UAE as a whole has the seventh highest GDP per capita in the world at over $74,000 USD and Dubai’s economy registered a dynamic growth rate of 2.2% in 2019. Since beginning to diversify the economy in the 1970s, today, less than 1% of Dubai’s GDP is from oil whereas at one time it was over half. A well-earned reputation for political and social stability makes Dubai one of the most attractive places in the region to do business. Shrewd policies have ensured domestic resilience despite regional turbulence. Today, Dubai is a major regional business hub, and is currently home to 70% of the Fortune 500 companies that operate dedicated offices to service the regional market. The city is the preferred destination for a whole host of regional and global events and trade shows and, in October 2021, EXPO 2020 will open its doors to the world and welcome an estimated 25 Million visitors to experience exhibitions by over 190 countries from around the world. 




Dubai is a modern metropolis in the heart of the United Arab Emirates in which 3.4 Million people from over 200 countries call home. Renowned for its ultramodern architecture, luxurious hotels and resorts, and bountiful dining and retail options, Dubai offers both residents and tourists alike an unmatched experience. It’s why over 3 Million expats from around the world choose to live here, and why over 15 Million tourists choose to visit the city each year.


With a Smart City mindset, Dubai believes in the power of technology and innovation to improve people’s lives, and the city consistently ranks well on international indicators of livability, prosperity and happiness. As a regional hub for tourism, business, sports, events and trade, the city’s infrastructure, ease of doing business, competitiveness, and standing in the region make it an exciting and dynamic city to call home. With a future-focused vision Dubai continues to inspire and attract like-minded individuals who want to capitalize on the potential of international growth that Dubai can offer.





Dubai has an unparalleled infrastructure from road and public transport networks to information and communication technology and smart government services, and is a hyperconnected city with the region’s biggest airport and seaport and one third of the world’s population within a 4-hour flight. 


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Dubai has an advantageous natural geographical location between East and West and provides access to multiple growth markets across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. 


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Dubai is a great place for large multinationals looking for a location for their regional headquarters, with the cluster effects of other big players across many sectors that already call Dubai home, to high-end infrastructure and office space, and an abundant pool of talent.


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Dubai is a fantastic place for start-ups to begin their journey. A vibrant innovation and tech ecosystem, with a host of incubators and accelerators, government initiatives, and a ready supply of eager investors provides the perfect springboard for ambitious start-ups.


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There is a common misconception that, because of Dubai’s reputation as a high-end destination, that it is an expensive place to do business. But with zero corporate tax, zero personal income tax and zero duties on imports, exports and re-exports, not to mention a whole host of flexible business set-up solutions, Dubai offers plenty of cost-effective options.


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As a regional hub for many sectors including aviation, financial services, logistics, trade, media, tourism, information and communication technology, and healthcare, Dubai offers a host of benefits and cluster effects to companies in those sectors that choose Dubai as a base.


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